DDR for Pentium III: 10 Boards with VIA Apollo Pro 266

Shuttle AV32 (V14) - A Board For All Seasons

BIOS - Award AV30S017 (16.01.2001)

Board revision - unknown

The Shuttle AV32 processes SDRAM memory as well as DDR SDRAM memory, although it isn't possible to use both types of memory at the same time or in combination with each other. The AGP graphics card's plastic mounting is a welcome feature, since it effectively prevents the graphics card from slipping out. The choice of integrating an ACR slot seems questionable, since a sixth PCI slot has been sacrificed to make room for it. The FSB can be adjusted in BIOS in increments of 1 MHz using the DEC key.

The choice of using SDRAM memory or DDR SDRAM memory has no effect on the board's performance - both sets are equally fast. In terms of general performance, this board pretty much stays in the middle of the pack.