DDR for Pentium III: 10 Boards with VIA Apollo Pro 266

Chaintech CT-6VJD: The Fastest Board

BIOS - Award 6VJD0213 (13.02.2001)

Board revision - unknown

The most conspicuous thing about the Chaintech CT-6VJD is the blue ACR slot, which is probably interesting only for the OEM business. This port is useless for end users. The manufacturer should have used this space, which is occupied by the ACR slot, for an additional PCI slot instead. The same thing is true for the CNR slot - this port can only be used by OEM manufacturers.

The BIOS recovery feature is interesting. If the flash procedure goes horribly awry, BIOS can still be recovered using a floppy disk (ALT + F2). This is a common feature on numerous Siemens boards.

Despite the fact that this board isn't exactly an overclocker's dream come true, the FSB can be gradually adjusted in BIOS in increments of 1 MHz to between 133 MHz and 170 MHz. This board takes the gold in virtually every single benchmark discipline. The "DRAM Command Rate" feature, which we set to "1 Command" in the test, allows the Chaintech to have the best performance in this test.

The manufacturer offers this board in a combined variant as well with two SDRAM slots and two DDR SDRAM slots. There is one drawback, however - there are only two fan headers on the board.

As is the case with the Asus CUV266, the Chaintech CT-6VJD has an ACR-Slot (blue in the picture).