DDR for Pentium III: 10 Boards with VIA Apollo Pro 266

Shuttle AV30 (V11) - Good Performance

BIOS - Award AV32S279 (01.02.2001)

Board revision - unknown

Shuttle sent us two different boards - the AV30 with DDR SDRAM support and the AV32 with a combination solution (SDRAM and DDR SDRAM). The most conspicuous feature of the AV30 is its integrated network capability. The six PCI slots, which offer space for numerous components, are another positive feature. The front side bus can be adjusted in a range between 66 and 133 MHz. Overclocking is not an option on this board. However, the board does obtain good results in the benchmark tests - on average, the Shuttle AV30 places second. As for the CNR slot - we can only repeat once more that it is useless for end users.

A handicap on Shuttle's AV30 board - in order to ensure that the graphics card sits properly, a capacitor has been placed in front of the AGP lever. Removing the graphics card can spell disaster for the entire board. Cracking off the capacitor renders the entire board useless. The second Shuttle board in our test, the AV32, has been more intelligently designed and does not have a capacitor next to the AGP slot.