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Dual Display Gaming Bigs Up

Instructions For NVIDIA Cards, Continued

After starting the game, you will see that the field of view has only been extended or stretched. The cut-scenes are displayed across both monitors. Once inside the cockpit of a spaceship, though, pressing F5 will activate the multi-monitor mode. The necessary settings are available through the ESC key, which brings up the options menu. The "Monitor Layout" section offers setting for the multi-display modes. Dual 1-1 means that the second screen will show an additional view. Consequently, 1-4 will show four views on the second screen (change settings using the left/right arrow keys, confirm by pressing Enter).

When 1-4 is selected, additional options for the extra views become available. A specific target, for example a ship or a station, can be assigned for each of these views.

Pressing F5 switches between the wide, screen spanning resolution and the additional info-monitors/views.