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System Builder Marathon, Q2 2014: A Balanced High-End Build

Results: Audio And Video Encoding

The Apple iTunes and LAME MP3 encoding workloads depend almost exclusively on clock rate. Yes, IPC throughput matters when we compare dissimilar architectures. But all three of these machines employ the same Haswell design.

As a result, Don's slightly misconfigured $1600 PC falls slightly behind at its stock frequency, and outpaces my effort this quarter when both boxes are overclocked, since my Core i7 doesn't scale well.

Copy what I just said about audio transcoding to video, for the most part, since these threaded applications are running on three identical CPUs.

There is a minor anomaly where my weak overclock this quarter outperforms the higher clock rate Don achieved last quarter, but only by one second. More than likely, the outcome is affected by his less-thoroughly-tuned memory subsystem.