I Want My 32" LCD TV

Toshiba 32WL48G

Toshiba is one of the pioneers of flat-panel displays and it's only natural for them to offer a line of LCD TV sets. We tested the Toshiba 32WL48P for you, hoping that Toshiba's experience would equip them to do better than their competitors.

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Toshiba 32WL48G
Diagonal measurement32"
Native resolution1366 x 768
Contrast550: 1
Brightness500 nits
Colors16.2 M
H/V viewing angles176/176
Connections3 Peritel/SCART, cinch, S-Video, HDMI, YUV
PC connectivity and convergenceVGA

Design And Finish

Restrained and elegant, the Toshiba 32WL48P has a finish that's average for the sets we've seen up to now. You can sense the manufacturer's experience in the way their products are built, but also a desire to keep to the middle of the road. The design of this set is simple and consensual.


The remote control is classic and effective. Here again, it's serious and without frills. Toshiba aims for efficacy and not flash. Navigation in the menus is smooth and you find what you want easily.