I Want My 32" LCD TV

Phocus LCD 30 WMS

Phocus has often been ranked in the unenviable category of no-name manufacturers, but they're nevertheless a brand that's on the rise. Their success in Germany is undeniable, and we decided to review its LCD 30, a TV set with an extremely low price. Of course, competition from tube-type TV sets is still ferocious, and the quality will have to be there.

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Phocus 30
Diagonal measurement30"
Native resolution1280 x 768
Contrast600: 1
Brightness500 nits
Latency16 ms
Colors16.2 M
H/V viewing angles170/170
Connections2 Peritel/SCART, cinch, S-Video
PC connectivity and convergenceVGA

Design And Finish

The LCD 30 WMS is not expensive, and it shows. The plastics used in the LCD 30 WMS are really basic and its design is extremely ordinary; but at a price this low, design is bound to take a back seat. Yet overall, the set is not cheap looking.


The ergonomics are nothing to write home about either, unfortunately. The remote control is mediocre and laborious to use. The menus lack clarity on the screen. And once you're in PC mode, the remote control stops working and is replaced by an OSD - not on the TV screen but on the computer monitor. The LCD 30 WMS really gives the impression that it was designed during a coffee break, which was a shame.


The only way to access HDTV for the LCD 30 WMS, for the moment, is by connecting it to a Small Form Factor PC, since the set itself has neither YUV nor DVI connectivity.