I Want My 32" LCD TV


The connectivity on this set is more than complete; the only thing that might have been added is HDMI. Unlike Sony, ViewSonic includes a multi-format card reader (CF, SM, SD, MS, etc.) instead of a single-format one. This is a good initiative, and eliminates the need to mess with a bunch of cables to plug in your camera during family gatherings.

ViewSonic N3200W: Color Rendering

Here we see again that while the results were good for 26" sets, 30" and 32" models are clearly lacking when it comes to color rendering.

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Black spotWhite spotContrast
0.9300333: 1

Oddly, the 30- and 32" models we've tested don't offer really deep blacks. A 0.9 nits value is unacceptable for a computer monitor, but it can be sufficient for a TV set. However the 26" models we previously tested offered values as low as 0.5 nits. It's a shame the bigger models haven't followed the trend.

Spatial Uniformity

We measured the spatial uniformity of the panel with our second sensor.

The uniformity of the panel was satisfactory. Though not really first-class, especially when compared to computer monitors, it was appreciable. Most values were located within 20% of the overall range. Keep in mind that perfect uniformity is hard to attain on a screen of this size. And that makes the N3200W's performance more than acceptable.

In the final analysis, we found that the N3200W has good static qualities. Now let's see whether latency will spoil the picture.