I Want My 32" LCD TV


Except for the ridiculous remote, the IIYAMA L323W is fairly well equipped, with two Peritel/SCART connectors, cinch and S-Video inputs and a headphone jack. In the convergence department, there's a DVI-I connector and a VGA adapter for connecting to a PC. Nothing exceptional, but it's what you generally find on most LCD TV sets nowadays.

IIYAMA L323W: Color Rendering

Here again, it was impossible to display dark colors correctly, but the brightest colors were more faithfully rendered than on the other TV sets we tested for this article. You take what you can get.

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Black spotWhite spotContrast
1293293: 1

Unfortunately, we've given up on ever getting good black readings (0.6 nits, for example) on a 30- or 32" LCD TV. One explanation might be the high brightness required by larger monitors. The panel is larger, the viewer is farther away, and so more brightness is needed. And naturally that has a negative impact on the depth of the blacks.

Spatial Uniformity

The profile was a little strange, but at least it showed good uniformity. When the image was completely black, we found relatively few areas that were too bright, which is a good sign for video.