I Want My 32" LCD TV

Toshiba 32WL48P: Good Responsiveness

More proof of the maker's serious approach is that the panel is very responsive and relatively constant over the whole range of grays. The values were very close to our readings for the ViewSonic, which is understandable since there are currently only a few producers of LCD panels, and their models are used in products from different manufacturers.

Video Quality

Here, on the other hand, we were disappointed. The colors were really too warm and the flesh tones took on a disagreeable orange tint, even after we'd set the color temperature to 'Cold.' We also noticed a lot of video noise with this model. On the positive side, the latency was low enough not to be noticeable in action films.

The black level is also adjustable independently. That's a technique also used by Samsung on its LW26A33W. Except that the adjustment is automatic on the Samsung, whereas it's manual on the Toshiba. Concretely, there's a mechanism that pre-loads pixels at a low level for a more or less long period (which is what the user adjusts) before they're lit. The effect is quite remarkable for the image, because darker shades appear darker and latency also improves. And on an LCD panel, remember, the wider the difference, the better the panel reacts. The viewing angles are also very wide.


Once again, it was deplorable. With video games on a console, the rendering was catastrophic. Animated objects were extremely jagged. Again, you'll need to rely on a small form factor PC or HDTV if you plan on buying this set. This is not a criticism that's specific to Toshiba, by the way. All 30- and 32" models suffer from the same problem.

PC Mode

This was the area where the Toshiba 32WL48P did best. The improved interpolation will let you get the most out of your DVD collection, of course. But in addition you'll be able to correct the color rendering by working with the settings of your graphics card. If you have a calibrator, so much the better.

Sound Quality

The sound was pretty average for a model in this price range, and that's really a shame. It was a little more muffled than the average for the TV sets we tested.


Were it not for the problem with color temperature and the somewhat mediocre sound, the Toshiba 32WL48P might have come out with top honors in this comparative test. But we can't really advise you to buy it as it stands, and we're eagerly awaiting the next models from the maker.