I Want My 32" LCD TV


"Another IT manufacturer trying to break into the TV market," you're thinking. Yes, but in this case it's IIYAMA. But while the vendor can be counted on for the exceptional quality of their CRT monitors, its LCD models are uneven.

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Diagonal measurement32"
Native resolution1366 x 768
Contrast500: 1
Brightness500 nits
Latency33 ms
Colors16.2 M
H/V viewing angles170/170
Connections2 Peritel/SCART, cinch, S-Video, DVI, headphone
PC connectivity and convergenceVGA/DVI

Design And Finish

We'll come right out and say that on this level, IIYAMA has dropped the bomb! If you want a TV set you can show off without even having to turn it on, the IIYAMA L323W is the one for you. Forget unattractive plastics. In a bold design stroke, IIYAMA has come up with an all-steel-and-aluminum construction. The same goes for the detachable speakers. It shows in the set's weight - 46.3 lbs. (21 kg) total! The IIYAMA L323W is the best-finished TV set of all the ones we tested for this article, hands down.


Meanwhile, it's that much harder to understand why, with a build quality that puts it in the category of a Porsche, you get a remote control that's more like a Trabant. It's a familiar problem with makers from the IT world who try to move into consumer electronics but forget the requirements of the market. A TV set is not a PC monitor. A remote control is not an accessory. It's the interface between the screen and the user. Using a cheesy no-name remote like the one we found in the box with the L323W shows a lack of understanding of the market segment more than anything else. But we'll be charitable - the remote control works. It controls the television remotely.