I Want My 32" LCD TV


The connectivity of this set is above average. Nothing's missing - there are two Peritel/SCART connectors, S-Video, and the basic connectors. In addition there's dual VGA/DVI connectivity, which is ideal for connecting to a living-room PC.

LG RZ30LZ50: Some Reservations

Obviously we tested the RZ30LZ50 with our LaCie calibrator.

Again we recall that this graph shows the difference between the desired color shade and the one and that was actually displayed.

  • If DeltaE >3, the color displayed is significantly different from the theoretical one, meaning that the difference will be perceptible to the viewer.
  • If DeltaE <2, LaCie considers the calibration a success, with a slight difference remaining, but one that will be all but undetectable to the user.
  • If DeltaE < 1, the color fidelity is excellent.

Here, the calibration went well. Though it didn't attain the quality of color rendering you find on computer monitors, the fidelity of the RZ30LZ50 was the best of all the sets we tested for this article.

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Black spotWhite spotContrast
0.98427436: 1

The black level, while not exceptional, was still appreciable, above all with a brightness level of 427 nits. Whether such a high level of brightness is necessary for a TV set is debatable. That kind of brightness is clearly too high for a 26" TV, but here the larger diagonal means you can watch this set from farther away and still get the same visual immersion. But then you're not gaining much by investing in a 30" set rather than a 26" model. So it'll be better to lower the brightness, even at the expense of a little fidelity.