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Phocus LCD 30 WMS: No Worse Than The Others

Color rendering was no worse than with the other sets we tested, but not really better either. It was about on a par with the Toshiba, with a similarly weak ability to reproduce dark areas.

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Black spotWhite spotContrast
2.1392187: 1

The black level is really too high, showing the manufacturer's concern with pushing the panel's brightness. Darkness showed up as dark gray at best.

Spatial Uniformity

The uniformity of brightness over the panel wasn't bad, despite a strong left/right imbalance. The values we read were within 20% of the total range. That's about average for the sets we tested.

So far, the LCD 30 WMS' performance was far from exceptional, but then it wasn't below the other major manufacturers in terms of performance. Now let's see how it performed in terms of response.