I Want My 32" LCD TV

Hyundai HQL320WR

To end up we'll take a look at the Hyundai HQL320WR. Hyundai is another IT specialist, and we were interested to see what they'd do, since the quality of their LCD monitors is high. The 32" diagonal and attractive price make this an appealing model on the face of it. But can the HQL320WR do better than its competitors?

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Hyundai HQL320WR
Diagonal measurement32"
Native resolution1366 x 768
Contrast1000: 1
Brightness450 nits
Latency16 ms
Colors16.2 M
H/V viewing angles170/170
Connections2 Peritel/SCART, cinch, S-Video, YUV, headphone
PC connectivity and convergenceVGA
Average price$1,300 (€1,350)

Design And Finish

The design of the HQL320WR is in fact very close to that of the DELL W2600 . The panel and speakers are black, surrounded by an aluminum frame. Not a fancy design, but the finish is quite good for a 32" set selling for this price. The design is extra flat compared to the competition. The only criticism we can make about this unit is that its base lacks stability.


The set held its own in the ergonomics department. The remote control is very basic, but navigation in the menus is efficient and simple. The adjustments available are standard and won't confuse the average user. The base is adjustable for tilt and also rotates.


If there were a DVI or HDMI input, the HQL320WR would have been perfect. That's really all that's lacking. For high definition TV, you'll have to rely on YUV alone. That's quite feasible, but it's not the ideal solution.