I Want My 32" LCD TV


The unit is adequately equipped for a TV set. In fact, we didn't find anything more complete on any of the models tested here. There are three Peritel/SCART connectors and cinch and S-Video connectors for the usual peripherals. YUV and HDMI will make it easy for owners of a Toshiba 32WL48P to move to HDTV when the time comes.

At first blush, the TV is a serious product. Toshiba knows its business and missing are the kind of foul-ups made by manufacturers coming from the PC world.

Toshiba 32WL48P: Color Rendering

Here again, proper rendering of black is impossible, and we'll have to settle for relatively poor fidelity in the dark colors.

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Black spotWhite spotContrast
2230115: 1

The black level is not good on this set either, despite brightness that's lower than the competition's. I was hoping for a little better from a Toshiba set.

Spatial Uniformity

While not catastrophic, the Toshiba 32WL48P's uniformity is not the best we've seen. The values are spread over 30% of the total range - average, but frequent for a 32" model, unfortunately.