Multifunction Devices: More Space On The Desktop!


While the scanner is appalling, the X83 gave us magnificent monochrome photocopies. The characters are nearly perfect with practically no undesirable drops. You could almost mistake the copy for the original.

Color work, apart from photos, is good, though we noted that the colors reproduced were lighter, no doubt the fault of the scanner. Another thing is that the black characters are spoilt by drops of blue, and there is a loss of definition in the text zones. So it would be best to do without color where the X83 is six times slower than in monochrome mode.

The weakness of the scanner shows up even more when you work in photo mode to reproduce or enlarge pictures. You'll probably give it one go, but not two. Whether in color or, worse, black and white, the result is really bad and not even up to a starter-price printer combined with a cheap scanner.


Because pricing policies in the US are different from Europe, the X83 and its cartridges are cheaper in America, which means that this all-in-one has different operating costs in each of these two regions.