Multifunction Devices: More Space On The Desktop!


The perfect device does not exist yet. They all have a lot of failings, which could also be considered growing pains for a new type of device. One manufacturer might have forgotten to integrate a de-screening function while another might have neglected the reproduction of black and white photos; one of them might design a control panel that is too complicated, while another finds that its speed falls apart in color mode, and so on. For the same price, you will often find you get better results with separate middle-range scanners and printers.

Be that as it may, the all-in-one should corner the market in the end. The photocopy mode and the inclusion of a fax or document feeder will please businesses, small organizations and professionals. Home users will probably be more attracted by the HP PSC 950, which is more elegant and very easy to use, although maybe not too frequently, on account of its costly cartridges.

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ModelMFC590/5100MPC400/F30PSC 950X83
Price (USD)$300$349$400$200
Print resolution2400x1200 dpi2400x1200 dpi2400x1200 dpi2400x1200 dpi
Speed (B/W)10 ppm17 ppm12 ppm12 ppm
Speed (color)8 ppm12 ppm10 ppm6 ppm
Number of cartridges4422
Number of colors4444
ConnectivityUSB & parallelUSB & parallelUSBUSB
Scan resolution600x2400 dpi600x1200 dpi600x1200 dpi600x1200 dpi
Max. speed for photocopies7 ppm17 ppm12 ppm10 ppm
Scaling25 - 400 %25 - 400 %25 - 400 %25 - 400 %
Charger of documentsyesnonono
Card reader motorizednonoyesno
Modem/Fax14,4 kbpsno14,4 kbpsno
Dimensions (cm)46,8x46,7x36,858,4x32,5x43,935,8x45,2x27,253,8x46x31,4
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> 4Very good
3 - 4Satisfactory
< 2Bad