Multifunction Devices: More Space On The Desktop!

HP PSC 950

This would be the ideal product if it weren't for that devilish cost per page which spoils everything. Printing with this device turns out to be really expensive: $0.24 (€0.32) for a page covered at just 5%. This is all the more a pity because the photo printing function in autonomous mode is really impressive and efficient. Let's hope that HP will make amends in its future products and that the designers of their multifunction devices will use the opportunity to integrate a better scanner than the current one.

Lexmark X83

This will be your product of choice if you are looking for a straightforward solution which is inexpensive and not too bulky. On the whole, its monochrome print results are good, but it slows down considerably when working in color. Its best feature is the quality of its photocopies and its worst means you'd be advised to scan text only. The photos it scans are really poor and err far too much towards the yellow.