Multifunction Devices: More Space On The Desktop!


The X83 is built upon a Z42 motor, so it gave us no surprises. It is just as fast in black and white, and just as slow in color.

No surprises in the cost per page either. It is lower than the HP but higher than Canon and Brother.

At 3000 pages (purchase price + 1500 monochrome pages + 1500 color pages) this is $676 (?956), similar to the long-term cost for a Canon all-in-one. So the choice of an X83 is justified if you don't intend to print a lot.


The X83 fails in part of its mission: it is no replacement for a separate scanner. The integrated one here is very bad and errs too much toward the yellow. Using it for scanning photos to make an album is quite simply not wise.

Left: scan by the Canon MultiPass; right: by the X83.