Multifunction Devices: More Space On The Desktop!

Canon SmartBase MPC400

Canon offers two devices: the F30 (USA) / MPC400 (Europe) and the F50 / MPC600F. The difference between them is that the latter has a color fax and document feeder, whereas the first, the one we tested, does not. So, for personal use you might prefer the MPC400 / F30, while for professional use, the MPC600F / F50 may be a better fit.

Apart from that, the mechanics (printer, scanner and fax) are the same. In the end, even though it lacks a number of functions and is rather expensive, the MPC400 beat its rivals by a short length due to the lowest cost per page, fast print motor, print quality and integrated scanner quality.

Note: the Canon all-in-one is called SmartBase MPC400 in Europe and MultiPass F30 in USA. We were sent a SmartBase MPC400 for our tests.


The design is plain and the control panel no-nonsense. The MPC400 / F30 will have you believing in its effectiveness. Access to the basic controls - number of copies, color or black and white - is direct. On the whole, after a bit of initial fumbling, you get the hang of it pretty well. The worst feature of the MPC400 ergonomics is its bulkiness - nearly twice the size of the HP PSC 950. The space saved, as opposed to a scanner plus a separate printer, is virtually nil.