Multifunction Devices: More Space On The Desktop!

HP PSC 950

Unlike its little stable-mate the PSC 750, the PSC 950 has a fax and memory card reader, and its Deskjet 970cxi print motor is a bit faster. The whole thing is a general use device which would have been perfect, were it not for that major and mostly unforgivable failing: the cost per page is nearly three times more than for Canon printers.


One of the best things about the PSC 950 is that it is hardly bigger than a printer. It takes up half the room of its Brother and Canon rivals. Special attention has been paid to the control panel, which gives you easy access to all the parameters and smart indications.

The PSC 950 can also print pictures stored on the memory card of a digital camera, even without using a PC. You just insert it into the relevant drive and press Index Photo. It prints out a page with the thumbnails of the pictures on the card, then you just check the ones you want, specify the number of copies and paper quality, put the page on the scanner window and press Index Photo again. The PSC 950 adjusts, realigns and prints out the photos automatically. How about that!