Optical Mice: Microsoft and Logitech

Logitech Click! Optical Mouse

Logitech has a fine array of new models all called Click! Let's start with the plainest. This is wired and has a conventional 800-cpi sensor at 2000 images per second. It is the usual shape and ambidextrous, which does not mean comfort is any the less. More rounded than the previous one, it is still not too bulky and the palm fits over it nicely. You drop down the sides to find the thumb and index finger indentations, which taper downwards. This is a mouse to lead with the palm and fingers, which is as good a way as any and no more tiring. It's more a question of taste. The plumper Microsoft mice are designed so you set the hand on them and push, whereas with the Click! you are more involved in the act. Whichever way, the ergonomics are excellent for an ambidextrous mouse.

The buttons work easily with a smooth, precise click. The scroll button is a model of its kind and a definite advance on the earlier ones. Its notching, noticeable but not unduly so, makes it both smooth and precise and another good sign is that it makes no sound. The scroll button is flawless. There is a third button in front of the other two, which is not very easy to reach. As far as looks go, the combination of blue and silver is elegant and goes with everything.