Optical Mice: Microsoft and Logitech

No Wires And No Lag

Gamers began to accept wireless mice when Logitech introduced its Fast RF technology. This is still a conventional radio technology with a 27 MHz frequency, but Logitech has managed to increase the number of mouse-to-database exchanges per second and reach the 125 USB limit. So logically there is no lag compared to a wired mouse. You can check that for yourself with the little Mouserate utility . As all the new wireless Logitech mice use Fast FR, gamers have no more reason to shun wireless for reasons of response.

Now the odd thing is, Microsoft, who has said nothing about speeding up its Wireless system, has nonetheless speeded it up. For some time now, Microsoft mice have reached 100 Hz, almost the limit for the USB. This is a little slower than the Logitech Fast RF, but the difference is not noticeable. So in practice the Microsoft Wireless is just as fast as the Fast RF. Actually, there's no argument about this, all the wireless mice in this review are as fast as their wired cousins, and don't you forget it.