Optical Mice: Microsoft and Logitech

The Choice Of Weapons

There may be a lot of new mice around, but it's not really hard to choose. It will be more so with the Logitech Bluetooth we shall be testing soon. In the meantime, for high-end mice, we still have the old Logitech MX 700 already reviewed , which offers great ergonomics, wireless capability, and an MX sensor.

For the models in this review, the Microsoft mice are not right for action games on account of the new scroll button. However, Microsoft's offerings are designed for desktop and Web applications, and more laid back games where quick-draw reflexes are not required, where the ergonomics of the Wireless Optical and Wireless Explorer are marvelous. The scroll button is even an advantage; there is a learning curve involved, however, as the lack of notches makes it hard to get used to.

For wider use which includes games, the Click! range is the best alternative. If your budget allows, you can have a wireless mouse with no lag and more features. Right-handers will fall for the very convenient Click! Plus.

If you're really into precision and frag, what you need is a Logitech MX sensor and, with the MX310, you'll get a mouse which may be wired but has all the right equipment for response and precision.

Lastly, the Terratec Razer Boomslang is a dated show-off item for extremists who claim that only a trackball and very-high speeds can help you win at Half Life.