Optical Mice: Microsoft and Logitech

Two Manufacturers, Three Sensors, Continued

For reaction time, we already made the Logitech vs. Microsoft comparison in the previously cited article. While we then determined that Microsoft delivered a little more in the reactivity category, any such reaction difference is now negligible.

In the end, it's easy to decide. FPS fans and demanding graphics designers should go for the Logitech MX and everyone else for one or the other of the Microsoft and Logitech sensors. The technology is under control, and the precision is excellent.

However, the usual advice applies. While these mice work on any surface - short of beach sand - it's best to use a slightly rough mat to give the pads a better grip, and you should clean them regularly.

Terratec tries to spoil the optical mouse party with its high-precision mechanical trackball sensor. They claim no optical mouse can ever reach their resolution of 2100 cpi, but we will debunk this claim below.