Optical Mice: Microsoft and Logitech

Terratec Razer Boomslang 2100

This mouse looks like it dropped straight out of a Batman movie and its technology is positively antique. Yet we were really intrigued by this heir to the most precise mice on the market acquired by Terratec.

What we have here is a wired right-handed mouse with a shape designed specifically and only for games. That it is easy to hold is in no doubt. You can't miss the big main buttons even in the thick of battle. But its excessive sensitivity will probably result in inadvertent fire, which will blow your cover. There are two other equally sensitive buttons on either side, but they are not so accessible.

The scroll button, which makes enough noise for a machine gun, is too highly notched. In terms of ergonomics alone, this is very far from being, say, a Logitech Click! Plus. But be that as it may, we have to admit that the matt black cover with a rubber trim gives it a real professional hitman look and apparently its precision makes all the difference.