Getting the Right Power: 15 PC Power Supply Units

300 Watt Class

Fortron Source FSP300-60GRE (PF)

The FSP300-60GRE (PF) from Fortron Source reached a peak power of 367 watts operating at full capacity in the test, and thus can be overloaded by a generous 22%. At this power level, the device shuts off as it is required to do: components are thus effectively protected from possibly unwholesome voltages. After cooling off briefly, the FSP300-60 GRE PF can be turned on once again at minimum load.

Disadvantage of the device: a 50-Hz hum at minimum load. Otherwise the power supply unit works at a pleasantly low noise level with 27.0 (minimum load) to 35.3 dB(A) (maximum load).

The label shows that the test device is a model for the German market

With a minimum input power of 220 volts, the tested model is not suitable for use in North America. Fortron Source, however, offers a model that is identical in structure but with an input power range of 90-264 volts, labeled the FSP300-60PFN.