Getting the Right Power: 15 PC Power Supply Units

The Test Candidates At A Glance

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ManufacturerFortron SourceSeasonicBe quietFortron Source
ModelFSP300-60GRE (PF)SS-300FB Active PFCBQT P4 370WFSP350-60PN -R
Overall rating [points]
Performance (50 %) points]87.186.886.985.2
Ergonomcs (50 %) [Points]87.285.49075.9
Technical Data
Max output (manufacturer claim/measured)300/367 W300/303 W370/383 W350/413 W
- 5 V/-12 V(manufacturer claim)0,3/0,8 Ak. A./0,8 A0,8/1 A0,3/0,8 A
+ 3,3 V/+ 5 V/+ 12 V (manufacturer claim)28/30/18 A28/30/18 A26/37/16 A28/30/16 A
+ 5 VSB (manufacturer claim)2 A2 A2,5 A2 A
fan number/control1/automatic1/automatic1/automatic1/automatic
Input voltage/voltage setting220/no110-240/automatic195-250/automatic115/230/Schalter
number of wirinig harness, connectors HDD/FDD/S-ATA3, 6/2/03, 7/2/03, 0, 9/2/03, 0, 5/2/0
Cable length HDD-/FDD, S-ATA (wenn vorhanden)80, 0 cm72, 0 cm105, 0 cm60, 0 cm
Cable length ATX/ATX/12V/Aux52/52/52 cm50/56/58 cm59/62/60 cm52/52/52 cm
Fan monitornoTachonono
Other Connectorsnono3 x Fanno
Power cable/screws/user manualyes/yes/yesyes/yes/yesyes/no/yesno/no/no
Special features-cable installation kit(Dr.Cable)cable tieblue LED
ManufacturerQ-TechnologyQ-TechnologySirtec / High Power SupplyAerocool
ModelQT-02350 Gold SeriesQT-02350 Papst SerieHigh Power HPC-360-302 DFAero-420P4
Overall rating [points]82.785.584.882.9
Performance (50 %) points]82.487.186.786.2
Ergonomcs (50 %) [Points]8383.882.979.6
Technical Data
Max output (manufacturer claim/measured)350/354 W350/395 W360/393 W420/455 W
- 5 V/-12 V(manufacturer claim)0,5/0,8 A0,5/0,8 A0,3/0,8 A0,8/1 A
+ 3,3 V/+ 5 V/+ 12 V (manufacturer claim)28/30/18 A28/30/18 A28/35/17 A26/42/18 A
+ 5 VSB (manufacturer claim)3 A3 A2 A2,5 A
fan number/control1/automatic1/automatic2/automatic2/automatic
Input voltage/voltage setting115-230/automatic115-230/automatic100-240/automatic195-250/automatic
number of wirinig harness, connectors HDD/FDD/S-ATA3, 0, 5/2/03, 0, 5/2/03, 0, 9/3/03, 0, 10/2/0
Cable length HDD-/FDD, S-ATA (wenn vorhanden)69, 0 cm69, 0 cm110, 0 cm105, 0 cm
Cable length ATX/ATX/12V/Aux39/41/38 cm39/41/38 cm46/51/51 cm59/62/60 cm
Fan monitornonoTachono
Other Connectorsnononono
Power cable/screws/user manualyes/yes/noyes/yes/noyes/yes/noyes/yes/no
Special featuresvery short ATX-cablevery short ATX-cable-cable ties, lucent fans, acrylic glass windows (green)
ManufacturerGlobal WinNexusSilverstonetekSirtec / High Power Supply
ModelTOP-420P4NX-4000SST-ST40F-G02High Power HPC-420-302 DF
Overall rating [points]80.780.369.580.4
Performance (50 %) points]83.185.459.476.9
Ergonomcs (50 %) [Points]78.375.179.683.8
Technical Data
Max output (manufacturer claim/measured)420/414 W400/468 W400/357 W420/398 W
- 5 V/-12 V(manufacturer claim)0,8/1 A0,3/0,8 A0,5/0,8 A0,3/0,8 A
+ 3,3 V/+ 5 V/+ 12 V (manufacturer claim)26/42/18 A28/40/15 A28/32/18 A30/40/18 A
+ 5 VSB (manufacturer claim)2,5 A2 A3 A2 A
fan number/control1/automatic1/automatic1/automatic2/automatic
Input voltage/voltage setting195-250/automatic100-240/automatic115-230/automatic100-240/automatic
number of wirinig harness, connectors HDD/FDD/S-ATA3, 0, 10/2/05, 0, 6/1/02, 1, 4/2/13, 0, 9/3/1
Cable length HDD-/FDD, S-ATA (wenn vorhanden)105, 0 cm51, 0 cm67, 40 cm110, 53 cm
Cable length ATX/ATX/12V/Aux56/62/58 cm48/50/50 cm40/40/40 cm46/51/51 cm
Fan monitornonoTachoTacho
Other Connectors3 x Fannonono
Power cable/screws/user manualno/no/nono/no/noyes/no/yesyes/yes/no
Special features
ManufacturerVantecAntecPC Power & CoolingPC Power & Cooling
ModelVAN-400BTrue Control 550Turbo Cool 510 ATX-PFC DeluxeTurbo Cool510 ATX-PFC
Overall rating [points]81.782.882.480.2
Performance (50 %) points]
Ergonomcs (50 %) [Points]83.181.480.178.4
Technical Data
Max output (manufacturer claim/measured)400/415 W550/495 W510/485 W510/478 W
- 5 V/-12 V(manufacturer claim)0,8/1 A0,5/1 A3/2 A0,3/2 A
+ 3,3 V/+ 5 V/+ 12 V (manufacturer claim)26/40/16 A32/40/24 A34/40/34 A30/40/34 A
+ 5 VSB (manufacturer claim)2,5 A2 A3 A3 A
fan number/control2/automatic2/manuell1/automatic1/automatic
Input voltage/voltage setting115/230/Schalter220/no110-240/automatic110-240/automatic
number of wirinig harness, connectors HDD/FDD/S-ATA3, 0, 9/2/03, 0, 7/2/04, 2, 10/0/24, 0, 6/2/0
Cable length HDD-/FDD, S-ATA (wenn vorhanden)106, 0 cm84, 0 cm80, 60 cm78, 0 cm
Cable length ATX/ATX/12V/Aux58/62/58 cm54/55/54 cm45/52/no cm61/61/61 cm
Fan monitornoTachonono
Other Connectorsno2 x Fannono
Power cable/screws/user manualyes/yes/yesyes/yes/yesyes/yes/noyes/yes/no
Special features2 x Serial-ATA-adaptors, cable ties5,25" bay for fan- and voltage-controlblack case, coated wiring harness, no FDD-connector, voltage control-