Getting the Right Power: 15 PC Power Supply Units

Seasonic SS-300FB / Super Tornado 300

120mm fan and honeycombed rear panel are meant to improve the air flow through the SS-300FB.

The power of the Seasonic SS-300FB/Super Tornado 300 is exactly what is indicated on the label - but the power supply unit cannot supply one watt more of power: at a load of 300 watts the SS-300FB shuts down. However, after a brief cool-down it can be switched on again. Deserving special mention is the very good efficiency factor of 76% : the best of all the test devices. This makes the SS-300FB very thrifty with energy.

The device is equipped with a 120 mm fan. At minimum load, therefore, the operating noise also comes in at an almost inaudible 26.9 dB(A). On the other hand, at maximum load, it is loud by comparison, with 40.5 dB(A). The FSP300-60GRE, for example, at almost the same load, is considerably quieter with 35.3 dB(A) - despite the 80 mm fan. The kit for fastening the cables that comes with it (Dr. Cable) makes it easy to install the cables properly in the PC case.

All in all, Seasonic's Super Tornado 300 is a solid power supply unit that yielded good overall results.