Getting the Right Power: 15 PC Power Supply Units

Q-Technology QT-02350 Gold Series Vs. QT-02350 Papst Series

The QT-02350 of the Papst series is only recognizable by the imprint on the fan hub ...

...and by an additional "Papst" label

Q-Technology sent us two variants of the 350 watt model QT-02350 for testing. The QT-02350 of the Papst series distinguishes itself from its brother, the Gold series, with its regulated Papst fan. However, the modification with the expensive Papst fan is not at all noticeable at minimum load and barely noticeable at full load with a volume of 36 dB(A), 2 dB(A) less. Much more noticeable is the fact that the Papst series offers significantly greater power reserves: The model with the Papst fan delivered a full 394 watts. The Gold series model just about made it to 353 watts. A disadvantage of both power supply units is the fact that the voltage is interrupted at high loads on the 3-volt line without shutting down. Moreover, the power supplies, with their 39 cm short ATX cable, are not adequate for use in a big tower. Cables that short are extremely annoying when you have to install them. The products of Qtechnology are currently available only in Europe.