Getting the Right Power: 15 PC Power Supply Units

350 Watt Class

Be Quiet BQT P4 370W

The German manufacturer Be Quiet honors its name with the BQT P4 370W: with 25.9 dB(A) at minimum and 33.4 dB(A) at maximum load, it is almost inaudible and earns itself a grade of "very good" with respect to volume. The cable length is also very good: 105 cm of HDD cable is a generous dimension even for big towers. For proper cabling, the device comes with cable ties.

With a measured maximum power of 383 watts, the BQT P4 370W offers some upward leeway with respect to available power. On overloading, the 370-watt power supply unit shuts off cleanly and can be started up again without problem after a brief cool-down period. The efficiency factor of the power supply unit is a good 70 %. With input power of 195 to 250 volts, however, the device is not appropriate for use in the USA.

Case fan enthusiasts will appreciate the three regulated additional fan connectors on the power supply unit. Even the design is intelligent: with its shiny black case the BQT P4 370W is suitable even for modding PCs. Unfortunately, Be Quiet currently only supplies this product in Germany.