Getting the Right Power: 15 PC Power Supply Units

Silverstone SST-ST40F-G02

We were not impressed by the way Silverstone Technologies' SST-ST40F-G02 tested

The PC power plant from Silverstone Technology falls well short of the manufacturer's information with a measured maximum power of 356 watts: According to the label, the power supply unit is designed for combined power of 380 watts from the three power lines. At 23 A on the 3.3-V- and 5-V line, the voltage quits on the +3.3-Volt line with 2.91 volts without shutting off.

The device rates only a "satisfactory" on ergonomics, too: The power supply unit demonstrates a rather high noise level - up to 45.8 dB(A) at maximum load - although the device is only equipped with one fan with a diameter of 120 mm. It also earns minus points for the short cables for attaching drives: In our experience, 67 cm is just enough for use in a big tower.