Getting the Right Power: 15 PC Power Supply Units

Nexus NX-4000

In the 400-watt class, the NX-400 from Nexus is the forerunner with respect to maximum load , coming in at 467.7 watts. However, the power supply unit does not shut off when it is overloaded, although the voltage quits at 4.67 volts on the 5-volt line - the lower tolerance level of voltage for the 5-volt line is 4.75 volts. Disadvantage: even in the best of cases, the user will only know from the unstable running of the PC that something's wrong; the components (graphics cards, hard disks) could be damaged. Another disadvantage is the relatively loud volume of 36 to 44 dB(A). It also earns minus points for the short cables for attaching drives: 51 cm comes up a bit short for use in a big tower.