Getting the Right Power: 15 PC Power Supply Units

Fortron Source Aurora FSP350-60PN-R

The Aurora FSP350-60PN-R has a 120 mm fan with blue LEDs

The FSP350-60PN-R, like the FSP300, provides a very high overload capacity: maximum power is 413 watts. The overload capacity of the power supply units from Fortron-Source is an indication that the manufacturer sizes the components generously. Good: when the power supply unit is overloaded, it shuts off and can be started up again at low capacity without problems after a brief cool-down interval.

Manual fan control using an rpm potentiometer

Not so good is the relatively high volume of 39 to almost 42 dB(A) at minimum or maximum load - although the power supply unit is equipped with a 120 mm fan along with a continuous, manual fan control. Another disadvantage is the poor efficiency factor of 65% . This puts the FSP350-60PN-R in the rear guard of this discipline.

With its LED fan, which lights up in blue, the Aurora FSP350-60PN-R is without a doubt interesting for case modders.