Getting the Right Power: 15 PC Power Supply Units

Vantec VAN-400B (ION Series)

Vantec's VAN-400B is a solid power supply unit with consistently good values. The maximum power of the VAN-400B tested at 414 watts. On overload, the device shuts off dutifully and allows problem-free restarting after a short cooling-off period. One deficit is the relatively high volume level (39 to 42 dB(A)) of the 400-watt power supply unit with two fans.

Auto, medium, slow: Although the rpm of the fan can be controlled, the operating noise is still relatively loud.

The fact that the user can control the fan's rpm with a switch makes no difference. Moreover, at 66%, the efficiency factor is merely satisfactory.

Vantec includes two adapters to connect SATA hard disks

On the other hand, the cable lengths can be ranked as very good - for example, 106 cm for the HDD and 58 cm for the ATX cable. Also positive are the two serial AT adapters included in the package.