You Want 4 GB RAM on Your Notebook?

Mobile Mark 2007 Battery Runtime

ram scaling notebook

Exchanging the pair of 512 MB DIMMs for a pair of 1 GB modules did not result in an increase of battery runtime using our high-performance 85 Wh battery. Obviously, the results aren’t reproducible enough to avoid a variance of five minutes battery runtime within a period of seven hours. Upgrading to a pair of 2 GB DIMMs got us eight to 13 more minutes increased in battery runtime. This certainly doesn’t make much of a difference if your notebook is capable of running seven hours on battery, but 10 or more minutes can be the time you might require to finalize a presentation, a document or a spreadsheet when you’re on a plane, or the time you need to send it off via email.

Remember that system performance always benefits from more RAM. The memory upgrade is even more attractive knowing that you’ll get more battery runtime for free.

Mobile Mark 2007 Score

ram scaling notebooks

The third result is a combination of the performance result, divided by the battery runtime result and multiplied times ten. This gives you an excellent score, because it aggregates the performance result and the battery runtime in a single number. The advantage when upgrading from 1 GB RAM to 4 GB RAM equals 24.5% in the case of our test notebook, which was equipped with an efficient Core 2 Duo processor and state-of-the-art hardware.