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Best SSD and Hard Drive Deals 2022

Various SSD drives
(Image credit: Amazon, Newegg)

Whether it's picking up a speedy new boot drive (perhaps one of the best SSDs) or adding secondary storage that increases your capacity, this is a great time to buy a new SSD or HDD. 

It's also a good time to look for savings on the best external drives you can use for backup or for transferring data between all your devices. If you don't already have a large external hard drive or SSD, you really should get one in order to do full system backups or just keep your important files somewhere besides the cloud.

Below, we've listed the best SSD and hard drive deals that are available from major retailers such as Amazon and Newegg. We're also tracking the best monitor deals, best CPU deals, best gaming laptop deals, best 3D printer deals and the Best PC hardware deals overall.

SSD Deals: What to Look For

2.5-inch or M.2: Most internal SSDs are either 2.5-inch or M.2 form factor. 2.5-inch drives connect to SATA ports and can replace old-school mechanical hard drives. M.2 drives look like RAM sticks and plug into dedicated M.2 ports.

SATA or NVMe: SSDs either use the SATA or NVMe interface, with the latter being as much as six times faster (or more). However, you need to know which your PC supports. All 2.5-inch drives are SATA, but M.2 drives could be either NVMe or SATA interface. 

Capacity: 1TB seems to be the sweet spot for price and performance, with decent NVMe drives going of around $100 or less and high-performance ones in the sub $150 range.  You can save money with a 512GB drive or, for an older PC with limited needs, a 256GB unit can be extremely cheap.

SSD Deal Tips

Each SSD deal listed below was individually verified to ensure value. But don't just take our word for it - there are tools you can use to improve your research game.

We recommend using third-party applications to help research price history and compare SSD prices between vendors. Google Shopping and PCPartPicker provide useful comparison data, while CamelCamelCamel is ideal for checking Amazon price history. Using these websites will help make sure any deals you find are genuine.

Best SSD and HDD Deals Overall

WD Black SN850 NVMe M.2 2TB: was $270, now $239 at Amazon
Jump on the PCIe Gen 4 superhighway with speeds up to 7000 MB/s read and 5300 MB/s write. This 2TB NVMe M.2 SSD is a great compact storage solution with all the durability you know and love from Western Digital storage products.

WD Black SN850 NVMe M.2 1TB: was $154, now $146 at Newegg
Jump on the PCIe Gen 4 superhighway with speeds up to 7000MB/s read and 5300MB/s write, all in a compact package with all the durability you know and love from Western Digital storage products.

Samsung 980 Pro PCIe Gen 4 1TB: was $229, now $159 at Amazon
Our favourite SSD thanks to its epic performance and superb power efficiency, the Samsung 980 Pro (1TB) offers sequential read and write speeds of 7,000 and 5,100 MBps.

WD Blue SN550 NVMe M.2 2TB: was $130, now $94 at Newegg
WD's reliable, low-cost NVMe drive promises sequential read and write speeds of 2,400 and 1,750 MBps respectively.

Sabrent Rocket 4 Plus NVMe M.2 4TB: was $749, now $699 at Amazon
This 4TB Sabrent Rocket 4 Plus SSD delivers up to 7.1GB/s of read and 6.6 GB/s of write throughput and is now on sale at its all-time lowest price.

WD BLACK SN750 NVMe 2TB: was $379, now $199 at Amazon
This PCIe 3.0 M.2 SSD from Western Digital sports a sleek design that will fit into any build, along with fast read speeds up to 3,470 MB/s, which will really speed up loading times across your favorite games.

Sabrent Rocket 4 Plus PCIe 4 1TB: was $159, now $149 at Amazon
This PCIe 4, NVMe SSD blew us away when we reviewed it, returning scores that were similar to the more-expensive WD Black SN850 and Samsung 980 PRO. It promises sequential reads and writes of up to 7,000 and 5,300 MBps.

PNY XLR8 CS3040 PCIe Gen 4 2TB: was $259, now $204 at Best Buy
This 2TB PNY XLR8 CS3040 SSD comes in at a capacious 2TB capacity with up to 5,600 MB/s reads and 4,300 MB/s writes. It would make a perfect upgrade for a PC or even a PlayStation 5.

Corsair MP600 Core M.2 NVMe 1TB: was $155, now $119 at Amazon
This PCIe Gen 4.0 SSD has up to 4,700MB/sec sequential read and 1,950MB/sec sequential write speeds. The MP600 also features a built-in aluminium heatsink.

Samsung 980 PRO PCIe Gen 4 500GB: was $149, now $109 at Amazon
If the 2TB is a little out of your price range, the 500GB Samsung 980 PRO also takes advantage of the PCIe x4 interface to offer sequential transfer rates of up to 6,900 MB/s read and 5,000 MB/s write.

WD Black SN850 500GB: was $149, now $84 at Amazon
This PCIe Gen 4 NVMe SSD offers impressively fast read/write speeds of up to 7000/5300 MB/s, a minimal design and a comprehensive WD Black software dashboard for keeping it running at its best.

Sabrent Rocket 2TB NVMe SSD: was $200, now $199 at Amazon
This internal performance SSD gives your build a serious speed increase with sequential read speeds up to 3,400 MB/s and 2,700 MB/s write, based on Toshiba’s BiCS 3D TLC NAND flash memory. Plus, Sabrent’s software package helps you make the most of your drive.

Mushkin Enhanced Pilot-E M.2 2280: was $310, now $189 at Newegg
Need a lot of NVMe storage for a good price? Mushkin nails this with their 2TB M.2 drive for under $200. Max sequential read speeds up to 3,500 MB/s and write up to 3,100 MB/s.

Sabrent 4TB Rocket Q4 NVMe M.2: was $750, now $589 at Amazon
This 4TB SSD from Sabrent has an M.2 form factor with read/write speeds up to 4900/3500 MB/s.

XPG SX8100 PCIe Gen 3 4TB: was $699, now $449 at B&H
This 4TB SSD is down to $450 at B&H Photo. It has read/write speeds as high as 3500/3000 MB/s.

Best Holiday External SSD / HDD / NAS Deals

Samsung SSD T7 Portable External SSD: was $170, now $119 at Amazon
This 1TB SSD comes in three colours grey, blue, and red. It has read/write speeds as fast as 1050/1000 MB/s and connects using a USB 3.2 interface.

Sandisk NVME Extreme Portable 1TB: was $249, now $132 at Amazon
Get $115 off this tiny, stylish and incredibly speedy portable SSD from SanDisk — sporting a rugged, durable construction and impressive read/write speeds you'd expect from an NVMe drive.

WD Easystore 14TB external hard drive: was $362, now $239 at Best Buy
Right now at Best Buy, you can grab a rather large 14TB of 7,200-RPM HDD storage right now. Connecting via USB 3.0 - this external drive is large enough to back up your files and data. 

SanDisk Extreme V2 4TB: was $769, now $449 at Best Buy
The Extreme V2 4TB provides ample space and very fast transfer speeds for your backups.

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