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System Builder Marathon, Q3 2013: $350 Bonus Entry-Level PC

CPU, Graphics, And Cooler

Processor and Graphics: AMD A10-5800K

The A10-5800K is a quad-core, Trinity-based APU that packs a pair of Piledriver modules. Each one runs at 3.8 GHz and is able to reach up to 4.2 GHz via AMD’s Turbo Core technology. Both modules are also outfitted with their own 2 MB of L2 cache, though the APU lacks the shared L3 found in AMD's FX-series CPUs.

We chose the A10-5800K over AMD’s A8-5600K because of its stronger Radeon HD 7660D on-die graphics engine, which packs 384 shader cores clocked at 800 MHz.

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CPU Cooler: AMD Retail Boxed Heat Sink & Fan

Our budget build maximizes value by relying on AMD’s boxed cooler to dissipate heat. It consists of a small, all-aluminum block and 70 mm fan. The whole thing is fastened down by a single mounting clip.