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AMD FirePro W9100 Review: Hawaii Puts On Its Suit And Tie

DirectX11 Gaming: Full HD Versus Ultra HD

Gaming Performance at Different Resolutions

For the sake of fairness, we picked four DirextX 11-based games. At 1080p (1920x1080 pixels), the FirePro W9100 wins two of our tests, while the Quadro K6000 rises to the top in the others. But at higher resolutions, AMD's flagship workstation board outperforms Nvidia's in all four titles, even though one benchmark ends in a near-tie.

The FirePro W9100’s advantage comes from its wider and higher-bandwidth memory interface, not its big 16 GB capacity. Of course, there may be other games out there (like Assassin's Creed IV, for example) where the Quadro K6000 is faster. But the outcome generally isn't surprising; on the desktop, Hawaii-based boards tend to outperform their direct competition from Nvidia.