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QNAP TS-453 Pro-8G NAS Review

Performance Analysis And Conclusion

Performance Rating

The following graph shows the NAS' total performance rating compared to other units. The comparison is pretty straightforward, with the tested unit appearing as 100 percent and every other unit presented relative to it. 

This chart only measures raw performance, not the functionality or available features of each unit. Also, at least right now, we don’t take into account the performance of each NAS in encrypted file transfers. 

The TS-453 Peo-8G easily smokes its competition, leaving the second-place Synology unit in the dust.

Performance Per Dollar

The following graph is the most interesting because it tells you how much each server's performance sets you back. We looked up the current prices of each NAS, along with relative benchmark data, to calculate our performance-per-dollar index. If the unit isn't available in the U.S., we searched popular European Union-based shops and converted the price to dollars.

Thanks to its high performance, the TS-453 Pro-8G's lofty price doesn't hit performance per dollar as hard as we might have expected.


QNAP chose to implement a four-core CPU in its TS-x53 line; our results fully justify the company's decision. This is among the fastest NAS servers we have ever tested, and it easily smokes the competition in transfer speeds and power consumption.

In addition, the TS-453 Pro-8G is fully loaded with advanced features like QvPC technology, which allows you to use the NAS as a PC by plugging in a monitor, keyboard and mouse. In addition, the NAS can play a key role in your home or office's surveillance infrastructure through its Surveillance Station application. It only comes with two camera licenses though, so if you need more (it supports up to 24), you have to buy them at $60 each. Ouch.

The other interesting features of this NAS include real-time, full-HD video transcoding; HDMI 1.4a connectivity; and, if you purchase the QNAP RM-IR002 remote control (or just use Qremote in your smartphone or a wireless keyboard/mouse set), a fully featured media player. This NAS addresses not only SMB environments, but also enthusiast home users who are willing to pay the high price.

Modern NAS appliances are much more than storage devices, and products like the TS-453 Pro-8G are clear proof of this. There are so many things that you can do with a modern NAS. It can perform practically every function needed in a modern home or office. In addition, with QNAP’s firmware, you don’t have to be a hardcore administrator to perform the tasks you want; it is easy to use the administration interface—everything is designed to walk you through the steps.

The only major downside of this product is its premium price. However, for slightly more than the competition, you get a product offering performance in excess of everything else out there. If you are searching for a high-performance NAS server and price isn't your top consideration, then you should seriously consider the TS-453 Pro-8G. It's fast, energy-efficient and offers a ton of features, including rich multimedia capabilities.

Aris Mpitziopoulos is a Contributing Editor at Tom's Hardware US, covering PSUs.