How To: Spybot 2 Free Step-by-Step Guide

The best way to stay safe and keep your computer clean is to practice safe surfing. Still, sometimes we can contract something nasty despite doing our best to be careful online. Check out Tom's Guide's latest story on installing and using Spybot 2 to get your computer squeaky clean once more.

Spybot Search & Destroy is an old hand on the anti-malware scene, and just this November, Safer Networking Limited, the program's developers, released the newest version of the program, Spybot 2. Today, we'll take a quick tour of Spybot 2's free version, guiding you through installation and a few other salient features. The first thing you'll need to do that of course is to grab the installer through the download link above!

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  • joytech22
    Spybot 2? Wow I think I might be a little behind because my copy looks nothing like this lol.
  • infernocy
    its really bad that free apps have sold out lately .. they are full with ads and spyware ... i use fillehippo that stores past versions and i still use zonealarm 9.14 , i really dont want more free apps doing this ..
  • Markon101
    Do all your browsing in a virtual machine. (virtualbox) Also, if you're really paranoid you can always use snapshots to revert your VM.