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CPU Benchmarks

DiRT 2: DirectX 11 Game Performance Compared And Analyzed

How much CPU speed does DiRT 2 need? We focus now on the CPU speed as a variable. Keep in mind that because the frame rates are so high, we're only examining the minimum frame rates here:

Even a Phenom II X4 at a mere 2 GHz provides ample CPU power so that no processor bottleneck is seen. DiRT 2 doesn't seem to be particularly sensitive to CPU clock rate with four cores available. Let's see what happens with fewer CPU cores enabled, though.

Now we're seeing a difference, but note that a dual-core CPU at 2 GHz can provide a minimum frame rate of 32 FPS. Even a single-core CPU offers playable performance. To summarize, DiRT 2 is one of the most CPU-friendly titles we've ever tested, if not a good example of the benefits of a processor with more cores.

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