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Honeycomb 3.1: Small Enhancements

Motorola Xoom: The First Android 3.1 (Honeycomb) Tablet

Resize WidgetsResize Widgets

Google recently released a new update to Honeycomb, but the enhancements in 3.1 are relatively tame. Widgets are now resizable, though this only applies to the Gmail, calendar, and bookmark widgets. It's nice to see more text before I open an app, but that's really the only benefit.

Multitasking Switcher: Bigger QueueMultitasking Switcher: Bigger Queue

Honeycomb 3.1 is supposed to offer a better multitasking experience, but it's going to be a love-it or hate-it change.

In 3.0, the multitasking switcher only held the five most recent apps. Now you can scroll through the last 18. If you like having a lot of programs open, this is a win. If you prefer having only a few windows open, this is going to be an utter pain. I tend to fall in the latter group of folks. I don’t really mind scrolling through multiple windows to find the program I need, but I think this fails to address the issue mentioned previously. Everyone wants more UI control. Instead of fiddling with the size of the multitasking switcher queue, I would prefer some way to eject programs from memory.

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