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Benchmark Results: Productivity

System Builder Marathon, March 2010: $750 Gaming PC

Overclocking alone yields a 26% reduction in rendering time in our new 2010 version of 3ds Max, but check out the massive 74% reduction once all four cores were enabled.

Forget overclocking, reducing scan times in AVG calls for additional processing cores. This is a new version of AVG, but our previous dual-core SBM systems usually took from 6.5 to seven minutes to scan these same compressed files.

WinRAR is a repeat benchmark, and the stock March PC finishes in the same exact time as the overclocked December SBM PC.

Going back to the last SBM, this is the sole application where swapping in DDR2-1066 provided a large performance impact, allowing the overclocked December PC to finish in 1:44, a whole 19 seconds faster than with DDR2-800 and just few seconds behind today’s unlocked quad.

The 7-Zip benchmark replaces WinZip and clearly shows benefits from both additional cores and overclocking.

Photoshop CS4 is another repeat benchmark version carried over from the previous SBM. The March SBM PC finishes the job 24 seconds faster than the December PC, but takes 15 seconds longer once both are overclocked. Erase the near loss though, as in the end having a stable fourth core propels the December PC back into the lead by nearly half a minute.

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