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Desktops - Page 2


Desktop systems today run the gamut from economic all-in-ones to high-performance gaming rigs. Whether you're looking to buy a pre-built desktop or assemble your own, we have the reviews and benchmarks to make sure you get a balanced system that meets all your needs and budget.

news - FEBRUARY 5 9

There's talk that Sony may sell its VAIO business to Lenovo or create a stand-alone company.

news - FEBRUARY 4 8

Asus is launching a Chrome OS-based mini-PC next month.

news - FEBRUARY 3 10

Asus' new Eee Box doesn't have any fans, which means it'll be very silent.

reviews - JANUARY 30 50

After generating buzz with two generations of mini-PCs, Intel updated its NUC line-up with Haswell-based models. We compare Zotac's Zbox nano ID65, ASRock's VisionX 420D, Logic Supply's ML300, Gigabyte's Brix...

news - JANUARY 29 18

There's a whole lot of PC gaming stuffed inside this SFF series.

reviews - JANUARY 28 39

Origin PC proves you can get two GeForce GTX 780 Tis and a heavily overclocked Core i7-4770K into a microATX form factor using BitFenix's popular Phenom M chassis. Yes, the combination is expensive, but it's...

news - JANUARY 27 18

Gigabyte drops dedicated gaming Brix right after CES.

news - JANUARY 24 50

It's all about choice.

news - JANUARY 24 7

It's a hand-sized HTPC with "Bay Trail-M."

news - JANUARY 24 0

These mini-PCs are packed full of Haswell.

news - JANUARY 24 16

This fanless PC packs an Intel Core i7-3520M CPU.

news - JANUARY 23 12

It won't be easy, though.

news - JANUARY 21 24

Sorry, no upgrading possible on this gaming rig.

news - JANUARY 21 26

PC shipments took a 5.6 percent dive in the fourth quarter of 2013.

news - JANUARY 17 8

Attendees of Valve's Steam Dev Days received a little present.

news - JANUARY 16 14

Xi3 wants to support EA's Origin too.

news - JANUARY 16 9

September sounds like a good time to launch new consoles.

news - JANUARY 15 3

Gigabyte has a new slate with Bay Trail and Windows 8.1 inside.

news - JANUARY 15 8

SteamOS and the Steam Controller must be ready before Steam Machines can ship.

news - JANUARY 15 6

An affordable All-in-One for businesses.

news - JANUARY 13 6

Here's an interesting ZBOX mini-PC.

news - JANUARY 11 15

Who needs clothes when you have a suitcase full of awesome PC gaming hardware?

picture story - JANUARY 11 20

Tom's Hardware's editorial team combed through CES 2014 in Las Vegas and came up with 12 different products that caught our eyes in different ways. Read on for more depth on why we assembled the following list...

news - JANUARY 10 19

Razer takes all the complexity out of building a PC.

news - JANUARY 10 9

A very set-top-box console style Steam Machine.

news - JANUARY 10 3

Sorting Out Lenovo's CES Launch