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Desktops - Page 9


Desktop systems today run the gamut from economic all-in-ones to high-performance gaming rigs. Whether you're looking to buy a pre-built desktop or assemble your own, we have the reviews and benchmarks to make sure you get a balanced system that meets all your needs and budget.

news - APRIL 11 2

The Eurocom Uni 3.0 is a 21.5" all-in-one desktop PC intended for usage in corporate environments and features an energy efficient design and integrated backup battery.

reviews - APRIL 9 109

Windows 8 is unquestionably intended to create consistency between consoles, tablets, phones, and the PC. But the desktop world is still largely without touch input. Can Dell's XPS One 27 make the Windows 8...

news - APRIL 2 67

Dell needs to shift as sales of traditional desktops and laptops continue to fall.

news - MARCH 27 2

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news - MARCH 25 5

Axiomtek's GOT3157W-832-PCT aims to bring an "easy-to-deploy and advanced touch experience to a variety of commercial and industrial applications."

news - MARCH 22 9

MSI is showing off the release of its AE2212 and AE2212G All-in-One PCs, which feature a slick frameless design for an elegant look.

news - MARCH 22 7

CyberPowerPC releases some new LAN gaming systems.

news - MARCH 19 0

PiixL launches a new media center PC with some very impressive specifications for a shocking price tag.

news - MARCH 14 20

MSI has revealed more information on the pricing of its 27" All-in-One Gaming PC.

news - MARCH 14 21

ASRock is showing off its new mini-ITX gaming system that it is working on, and it looks quite nice.

news - MARCH 7 5

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news - MARCH 6 21

Even growth in emerging markets in slowing down for desktops.

news - MARCH 5 17

MSI has released a new G-Series All-In-One gaming PC.

news - MARCH 1 3

ECS is releasing a 23.6" customizable All-In-One PC.

news - MARCH 1 7

iBuyPower' Revolt is now available with the GTX Titan, making for a beastly and small gaming machine.

news - FEBRUARY 22 3

Cyberpower has also launched a gaming PC based on the new GeForce Titan, but this time it's a whole lineup.

news - FEBRUARY 20 25

We hate goodbyes.

news - FEBRUARY 14 25

All projects are still a go despite who has or has not been fired, says Valve.

news - FEBRUARY 13 50

President stresses importance of creating jobs within America.

news - FEBRUARY 12 0

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news - FEBRUARY 11 8

Key investors said to be dissatisfied with deal.

news - FEBRUARY 11 27

Gabe Newell speaketh, and he commands that the PC will take over the living room in three tiers.

news - FEBRUARY 8 1

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news - FEBRUARY 8 14

Michael Dell issued an open letter to customers.

news - FEBRUARY 8 27

134 million units includes 46.2 million units qualifying as tablets.

news - FEBRUARY 8 30

Activision will milk the Call of Duty franchise a bit longer