AMD Ryzen 5 5600X Deals: As Low as $289

AMD Ryzen 5600X
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Newegg has the Ryzen 5 5600X on a Cyber Monday sale for $289, which is $30 off the normal $309 price point and near the lowest pricing we've ever seen for this chip. 

AMD struck a compelling price-to-performance balance with the Ryzen 5000 family of Zen 3 desktop processors. The Ryzen 5000 family offers excellent performance and great power efficiency thanks to TSMC's 7nm FinFET process node.

One of the best CPUs, the Ryzen 5 5600X is a particularly compelling entry-level SKU for mainstream gamers and can pair with a wide variety of affordable AMD motherboards. We first reviewed the processor nearly a year ago and highlighted its formidable gaming performance, strength in single- and multi-threaded applications, and its knack for overclocking. 

Even though AMD's Ryzen 5 5600G offers the lowest price of entry to the Zen 3 family, it is an APU and doesn't provide the full performance of an X-series model. To this day, the Ryzen 5 5600X stands as the lowest point of entry into the standard Zen 3 Ryzen product stack, and this deal lowers the bar even more. 

AMD Ryzen 5 5600X: was $309, now $289 with promo code BLCYB666 at Newegg

AMD Ryzen 5 5600X: was $309, now $289 with promo code BLCYB666 at Newegg
Earning 4.5 stars in our AMD Ryzen 5 5600X review, this chip is highly sought after thanks to its strong single- and multi-threaded performance, leading power efficiency, and PCIe Gen4 support. It also features stellar thermals, a bundled cooler, and overclocking capability.

The Ryzen 5 5600X is a 6-core/12-thread processor with a base clock of 3.7 GHz and a boost frequency of 4.6 GHz. In addition, it features 32MB of L3 cache and a low thermal design power (TDP) of 65 watts.

The Ryzen 5 5600X also comes with a heatsink in the retail box for those on a strict gaming PC budget. However, if you plan on overclocking, it would be advisable to invest in a beefier cooler such as one of those on our best CPU coolers list.

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