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PC builders often overlook the case when it comes to putting together a new system. It's a shame really since the case is one of the most important parts of any system. The right case not only provides you with an enjoyable building experience, but it also contributes to improving your system's performance and noise levels.

With the holiday deals season upon us, it's a great time to pick up a case, whether it be for an upgrade or an upcoming build. We've put together a list of the best case deals that are currently on the market. It doesn't matter if you're looking for the smallest case or the flashiest one, we've got you covered.

MSI MPG Series Mid-Tower GUNGNIR 110R: was $109, now $74 at Amazon

MSI MPG Series Mid-Tower GUNGNIR 110R: was $109, now $74 at Amazon
This mid-tower gaming case features a tempered glass panel to show off the hardware inside. It supports water cooling and ATX-sized motherboards. It comes with four 120mm fans with RGB LEDs.

Corsair iCUE 4000X RGB:  was $134, now $109 at Newegg with promo code BFFRDY5

Corsair iCUE 4000X RGB: was $134, now $109 at Newegg with promo code BFFRDY5
The 4000X RGB is a premium ATX case that comes with ample space, attractive looks, and flashy RGB lighting.

Fractal Design Focus G ATX Mid Tower Case:  was $54, now $39 at Newegg

Fractal Design Focus G ATX Mid Tower Case: was $54, now $39 at Newegg
If you're looking to save money but still get a dash of style, the Fractal Design Focus G series could be for you. Available in a variety of colors, including Petrol Blue, the case has a large side window and comes with a mesh front and a pair fans. Available in mid and mini tower.

Fractal Design Define 7:  was $179, now $129 at Newegg

Fractal Design Define 7: was $179, now $129 at Newegg
The Define 7 isn't the most flamboyant case around, but it's one of the quietest ones on the market. If you value silence over anything else, you can't go wrong with the Define 7.

Antec P82 Silent:  was $74, now $68 at Newegg

Antec P82 Silent: was $74, now $68 at Newegg
The P82 Silent is one of the better budget cases on the market, offering excellent levels of acoustics and thermal performance.

Phanteks Enthoo Pro II:  was $159, now $144 at Newegg with promo code PH53679C

Phanteks Enthoo Pro II: was $159, now $144 at Newegg with promo code PH53679C
There aren't many dual-system cases on the market, but the Phanteks Enthoo Pro II is one of the best. The case offers generous spacing for cable management and delivers superb thermal performance.

Lian Li Q58:  was $139, now $129 at Newegg

Lian Li Q58: was $139, now $129 at Newegg
There's no better option than the Lian Li Q58 if you're looking for a high-end case for your mini-ITX system. The Q58 is just a joy to build in.

Phanteks Eclipse P360A:  was $79, now $74 at Newegg with promo code PH53679A

Phanteks Eclipse P360A: was $79, now $74 at Newegg with promo code PH53679A
Don't let the price fool you. Phanteks' Eclipse P360A is a great budget case that includes RGB lighting with its own D-RGB controller and impressive thermal performance. 

Phanteks Evolv Shift 2:  was $109, now $99 at Newegg after rebate

Phanteks Evolv Shift 2: was $109, now $99 at Newegg after rebate
The Evolv Shift 2 is a beautiful mini-ITX case with glass and aluminum. It's capable of housing large GPUs and features a small footprint.

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