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Crucial's P1 NVMe SSD Is 65% off MSRP

(Image credit: Tom's Hardware)

At its much-higher launch price, we weren't exactly excited about Crucial's P1 NVMe SSD. At $229 for the 1TB model, there were faster M.2 drives with more endurance that were easy to argue for. But that was then, and now that Amazon is offering up the same 1TB P1 for a much lower $79.99, it's much more appealing.

You'll need a desktop or laptop with an NVMe M.2 slot to use the Crucial P1, but if you have the latter, your battery life will benefit from the drive's power efficiency. And any user will appreciate the 2000 MBps / 1700 MBps sequential read/write speeds. The drive also ships with a long five-year warranty, but note that rated write endurance is lower than competing drives, so if you're looking for a drive you can hammer 24/7 in a server-type environment, you'll definitely want to look elsewhere.

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