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Best Headset Deal: HyperX CloudX Is on Sale for Just $50 (26% off)

With inline controls there's not a lot of difference between this kit and the Cloud II Pros (Image credit: HyperX)

Finding an impressive headset on a budget can be tricky, but HyperX really has nailed it with its Cloud gaming model. Originally based off of QPad’s designs, the Cloud came in at a far cheaper price point with a smidge more bass than its parent pair of headphones. This enabled HyperX to introduce a product to the market the likes of which no other competitor could match back in the day. A lot has changed since then in this particular segment, however the original HyperX Cloud still holds its own as one of the best budget headsets money can buy, and at $50 this HyperX CloudX headset deal really is hard to ignore, especially if you already have a 4 pole to 3 pole splitter cable.


HyperX CloudX Gaming Headset: was $68, now $50

HyperX CloudX Gaming Headset: was $68, now $50

Complete with ergonomic design, fantastic audio reproduction, impressive bass, removable mic, and inline controls the only thing you’ll need to run this on your rig is a 4 pole to 3 pole splitter.

Pros & Cons?

So what’s so good about this HyperX CloudX gaming headset? Well once you ignore all of the “official Xbox Licensed” nonsense tacked on to it, you realise it’s actually just the gunmetal gray variant of HyperX’s Cloud II Pros. Complete with the same drivers, ergonomic design, styling and in-line controls. The good part about that is that those usually retail around the $80-90 mark. There is one caveat of course, and that’s that these don’t come with a 4 pole to 3 pole splitter. So if you do want to use the microphone with your rig, you’re going to need to grab one, either from an older headset that came with one, or you can pick up our recommended one here for around $9.

Otherwise the HyperX CloudX sounds the same as its Cloud brothers. You still get that expanded frequency response, crisp trebles, well rounded mids, and thumping bass notes that has made it one of the most highly awarded headsets out there. Couple that with a solid mic and you're on to a winner.

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